Frequently asked questions

Your First Appointment

When Jan visits your home for the first time she will initially spend a few minutes with you and your dog(s) before she does anything to your pet. This initial consultation is included in our fee and we believe that it is extremely important. Jan will ask you a few questions about your dog and your specific wishes with regard to your dog’s first grooming session with us. It will also give you the opportunity to ask the groomer any questions that you may have. In addition, Jan will use the time to make friends with your dog before she starts the grooming session.

Do you need me to do anything with my dog before the appointment?

Yes please. We would greatly appreciate it if you do not feed your dog just before we are due to arrive. In addition, just before the appointment time, please be kind enough to give your pet a walk to give him/her a opportunity to go to the toilet.

We will not be able to groom your dog(s) if we are not able to park our van in a suitable place

Please note that our mobile grooming van is a large long wheel base vehicle that is 20 feet long and about 7 feet wide. We will therefore need a suitable parking space on your driveway or immediately outsideyour safely and legally. flat area – i.e. not on an incline of any sort. We are obviously not allowed to break the law so we are not able to park on yellow linesOR white lines OR near crossroads OR any pedestrian crossing etc.

If you live on a busy road we respectfully suggest that, well ahead of the appointment time, you park your vehicle outside your home or in the space that you want to reserve for our vehicle and/or use cones (or upright chairs perhaps) to ensure that there will be a satisfactory space to park our vehicle when we arrive. Please note that we will not be able to return on the same day if no space is available and, if there is no space, we will ask you for a £15.00 cancellation fee towards our **time and out-of–pocket expenses – i.e. fuel, wages etc.

We only need one x standard 13A electricity socket please

When we visit your home or workplace we will need to plug our electrical cable into one of your 250V AC electricity sockets. The socket must be fit for purpose and in good working order please. We would ask you to keep an eye on the socket while we are working for safety reasons. We will do our best not to overload your socket at anytime. That is, we will use it only for lighting and usually only one electrical device at a time – e.g. a shower hose or dryer or electric grooming table etc. If you have a coin meter please ensure that you have sufficient electricity in the meter for Jan to do her work. Please note that we must be able to use our mains electrical equipment so, if you are unable to provide a suitable electrical socket, we will not be able to groom your dog and we will ask you to pay a £15.00 cancellation fee for the **same reasons as above.

You can be reassured that, if we ever feel that an additional electrical device needs to be used, we will inform you and supply a separate extension lead to be plugged into a different electrical socket. The latter only tends to happen when the weather is really cold outside! We always regard human and animal safety as paramount!

Do I need to supply any water for the dog bath?

No, thank you. Water is usually not required. Our Professional K9 Hydrobath has a large 70 litre tank of heated water and we carry additional water in our vehicle should it be required.

Will you need anything from me when you arrive?

All we need is a few minutes of your time before the grooming session starts (as previously mentioned) and sufficient time to do the actual bath, wash and groom - so please allow additional time for us to finish the grooming session properly good working order.

How long with the whole grooming session take?

The total time that the grooming session will take depends on a number of factors including the time it takes to get our vehicle parked in a suitable place, the number and breed of dog (e.g. the coat type, lengthand condition), initial consultation(if characterand temperament of the dog. We will be able to give you a better idea at the end of the initial consultation.

Please remember that Precious Friends Mobile Dog Grooming always endeavours to deliver a high quality service. ‘no obligation’ informal chat. We will then visit your home free of charge (at a mutually convenient time) to enable you, and your dog, to have a really good look inside our mobile dog grooming van – and you will be able to ask all of the questions you wish.

We are more than happy to visit any potential client within a 10 mile radius of our base (i.e. IP3 9FJ) free of charge.

Will my dog be sedated?

The simple answer to this question is “No”.

I would like to stay with my dog for the whole grooming session. Will that be OK with the groomer?

Generally speaking we prefer owners not to stay with their pet for too long because it can distract the dog and/or lead to unnecessary delays. However, in some cases, we will ask owners to stay with their pet (at least initially) if Jan feels that your dog will benefit from your company in our vehicle and/or be less nervous. Please be assured that we always remember that you are our client and the owner of the dog... so we will always try to comply with your wishes.

During this COVID-19 period we would like to observe social distancing and stay two metres away from all of our clients. This obviously means that you will not be allowed to stay with your dog and/or get into our mobile dog grooming van until the COVID-19 period is over. You can be assured that we will be using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and using various infection control methods to ensure that we do our job in a highly professional way to help keep you, your family and our dog grooming team safe and well.

What if my dog doesn't like the grooming session?

Mobile dog grooming is usually ideal for dogs who are anxious, nervous and/or potentially aggressive. The opportunity to meet and make friends with the dog in their own home, before the grooming session, and the one-to-one grooming experience that follows allows a relationship of trust to develop. Generally speaking the calm environment is liked by most dogs.

Will you muzzle my dog?

Jan always prefers not to muzzle dogs...preferring to take her time to develop a good relationships with the dog. However, if any dog show any significant signs of aggression and/or attempts to bite and/or give any other sign that could lead to a bite she will use muzzles for her safety and the safety of your dog. We reserve the right to stop the groom at anytime (at any stage in the grooming session) if we feel that our safety and/or the dog’s safety and/or human or animal health is being or could be negatively affected in any way.

What will the grooming session include?

Every aspect of the grooming session will be discussed and agreed with you during your initial consultation. A fee will also be agreed and Jan will be able to give you an approximate finish time if you so wish. If your dog has a “full groom” the grooming session will include a warm hydrotherapy bath using a good quality shampoo that will be carefully chosen after discussing your dog’s specific skin and coat requirements etc. Your dog will then be dried by hand using clean towels and one or more types of warm air dryer. We do not use drying cabinets. Your brushed. We nails (if necessary) and clean your dog’s ears. Your dogs paws, pads and sanitary areas will be properly cleaned and styled according to your pre-agreed wishes and we will finish with a suitable fragrance spray. Our aim is to make you dog look and smell absolutely fabulous!

What if my dog is very badly matted?

We are very used to de-matting dogs! However, if your dog is extremely matted, we will discuss the situation with you (during the initial consultation) and agree a plan to remove the matting. This will usually be done using electric clippers and you may be asked to give your written consent before Jan undertakes the procedure. Please note that, if your dog is badly matted, Jan may need to go very close to your dogs skin and this will make it difficult to obtain a perfect looking groom.

How can I pay you?

During this COVID-19 period we prefer not to handle cash so please pay us usingPaypal or a credit or debit card (using our website) OR make a BACS payment into our NatWest bank account using the following bank details. Account Name = Mrs Janet Samantha Richards T/A Precious Friends Mobile Dog Grooming, Account Number = 91994438, Sort Code = 60-04-16

How often should my dog be groomed?

This depends on various factors including the type of coat, its growth rate and how much time you spend grooming your dog at home. Please feel free to ask the groomer for grooming tips if you wish. Most breeds should be groomed every six weeks or so but poodles and bichons should be groomed every four to five weeks in order to stop their coats from becoming knotted or matted between professional grooms.

When should my new puppy be groomed?

As soon as your puppy has completed its vaccinations it should be introduced to grooming as soon as possible. Your puppy will have many new experiences and the first few months especially will be full of discovery...and the sooner your puppy starts getting used to being groomed the better! It will make things far easier for your dog in the long term. We charge very little for puppies and we also allow your puppy to have a really good look around our dog grooming van completely free of charge if you live within ten miles of our base.

What if I can't keep my appointment?

Please telephone and/or email us as soon as possible to cancel because we have a 48-hour cancellation policy. Missed appointments and/or appointments that area cancelled with less than 48-hours notice may incur a cancellation fee that will be £25.00 as minimum cancellation charge. The waiting time and/or delay over 15 minutes £10.00 per quarter hour or part thereof. Please note that, if you are not in when we arrive for your appointment, we may not have the time to wait for you and/or be able to work on your dog....and you will need to rebook. A fee will be charged for all missed bookings. Please read our Terms and Conditions before making any booking.

Precious Friends Mobile Dog Grooming Service obviously incurs a significant cost (i.e. fuel, vehicle running costs and wages etc) when a firmly booked appointment is cancelled at short notice or missed.